Carole Létourneau, Museologist

Carole Letourneau holds a baccalaureate in history of arts and a master degree in museology. As a member of the Quebec museum society, she also attended numerous training sessions in art.

Specialised in project management, she cumulated many achievements in art. Excellent communicator, autonomous, energetic and recognised for her skill to unite peoples toward a common objective in complex environment such as artistic projects.

Carole Letourneau assumed the responsibility of researcher, scriptwriter and commissioner for the following expositions:« Mariette Dubreuil : Val-David Memory », and « There is 30 years...The associated Creators », both events presented at the Centre d'exposition of Val-David during the 2000s. She wrote and published a book entitle: « Val-David : son histoire, son patrimoine The village painted by Mariette Dubreuil ».

Member of the board of administrators of the Centre d'exposition of Val-David, from 2015 to 2019.